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Douglas County. We are just minutes away from the
If you are arrested in any of the following towns or cities
in Douglas County: Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Larkspur,
Lone Tree, or Parker you will be taken to The Douglas
County Jail which is located at: 4000 Justice Way., Castle
Rock, CO 80104. In most cases you will be allowed to
post a Douglas bail bond from here. In addition if you
being held by Douglas County for another counties hold.
You will be able to post that bail bond as well

We understand the tremendous stress And emotional
difficulties you face when working to arrange a bail bond
for a friend or family member. At  Stan The Bail Man Bail
Bonds to do everything we can to make this process go
as smoothly as possible for you during this difficult time.
A  Douglas Bail Bond, sometimes called a “surety bond”, is a contractual
undertaking guaranteed by a state licensed bail bondsman. The bail bond
agent guarantees to the court, payment of the full amount of the bail bond if
the defendant does not make court scheduled appearances. For your
protection, always deal with state licensed bail bond services. Stan the Bail
Man is a reputable licensed Bail Bondsman in Douglas County.

The co-signer of the contract (usually a friend or relative of the defendant)
guarantees to pay the full amount of the bail bond if the defendant fails to
make scheduled court appearances.

In order to approve a bail bond, information will be collected by the bail
bond agent through an interview  usually by phone. The Douglas bail bond
agent will then contact the Douglas County Jail And verify the bonding
information.  Some Douglas County bail bonds require collateral in order to
secure the full amount of the bond. Stan the Bail Man often provides no
collateral bail bonds in Douglas County..

If the customer chooses to purchase a Douglas bail bond, they will need to
sign basic Douglas County Bail Bond documents.

After the paperwork is finalized, a licensed bail  bondsman will“post” the
bail bond at the Douglas Jail which will result in the release of the
defendant. From start to finish, a competent bail bond service will complete
the entire process in 1-2 hours.

We provide discounted, immediate bail bonds in Douglas County And  
several flexible payment options for  Douglas County Bail Bonds. You may
pay our company using cash, check or credit card. We can also provide
easy, no cost flexible financing for qualified customers.

Bottom line, we are the
BEST BAIL BONDS company in Douglas County.
Stan The Bail Man Bail Bonds Douglas County, Colorado Bail Bonds
Information below provided by The Douglas County Government


Headquartered at the Robert A. Christensen Justice
Center 4000 Justice Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109. It
encompasses the inmate detention facility or Jail,
court services section, inmate classification section,
inmate programs section, And the work release
Inmate Bonding

When a person is arrested And processed into the Detention Facility, there is normally a bond set that must be posted prior to them being released. The amount of
the bond is determined by the charges that have been filed against the inmate. The judicial system has set bond amounts for a variety of charges And the ranges of
charges. The booking deputy/specialist will advise the arrestee the total amount of the bond based on the court guidelines during the booking process.

In the event that the person is arrested for a court warrant, the issuing court has pre-set a bond amount. Some bonds may require a fine be paid or "cash only", these
require a cash payment for the bond - no bondsmen. In some cases, the court may order a "no bond hold" which does not permit the inmate to bond on this warrant.
The Detention Facility will notify the court that issued the bond of the inmate's arrest.

If the inmate has charges filed in addition to a warrant arrest, there will be more than one bond that must be posted prior to release. Additionally there is a $30
booking fee And a fee of $10 PER EACH bond.
There are several types of bonds which can be posted:

Cash self or Cash surety

U.S. currency on the total amount of the bond. The jail will only accept cash or money orders for the bond, we do not accept cashier's checks or bank checks. When
posting this type of bond you may deposit the cash into the inmates account And they can then ‘self’ bond themselves out.  Alternatively you will be asked if you wish
to be a co-signer on the bond And if once the case has been concluded or the Judge releases the bond, if you want the money returned to you personally or the
inmate. The funds are held by the courts until the case is concluded or the Judge releases the bond. If the inmate does not appear as indicated on the bond form, the
money posted for the bond, may be forfeited to the court.

Surety (Bondsman)

There are several bonding companies with the State of Colorado that specialize in bonding persons from jail. There is a fee associated with this type of bond, in
addition to any collateral that they may require to post the bond. The bond fee is normally 10 – 15% of the total bond. The fee is just that, a fee, paid to the bondsman;
it is not returned to you upon conclusion of the case.
Personal Recognizance

This type of bond is normally only authorized by the Judge. A Judge may issue this type of bond at any time during incarceration. If this type of bond is issued there
may be conditions set by the courts. For example, a co-signer or conditions for behavior while on bond may be required to post this type of bond. If an inmate fails to
appear on this type of bond, the court may assess fines totally on the amount of the bond against the inmate and/or the co-signer.
U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE)

If an arrestee is being held for Immigration (ICE hold), And they have a bond on the charges that they were arrested on, they are eligible to place that bond. The
money that is paid for the bond is held by the courts until the court case has reached a final disposition. Should the inmate fail to attend the court appearance shown
on this bond the bond money will be forfeited. Once the bond has been entered ICE will be notified And will pick up the inmate within 72 hours. After taking the inmate
into custody ICE will determine if the inmate is eligible to bond from their custody.
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